Pre-meeting to plan SDSS-IV

In addition to the regular SDSS-III meeting, we will hold a pre-meeting to plan the upcoming Sloan Digital Sky Survey IV. The pre-meeting will take place at the same location, the Johns Hopkins University Department of Physics and Astronomy, on Sunday/Monday June 9-10, 2013.

There is no additional cost for the SDSS-IV pre-meeting, but please indicate on your registration whether you plan to attend, so we can reserve meeting rooms.

If you plan to attend the SDSS-IV meeting, please also add your name to the SDSS-IV meeting page on the SDSS-IV wiki.

More information about this meeting will be coming soon.

An arched bridge with two large ships in the background and a sailboat in the foreground

The Francis Scott Key Bridge spans Baltimore Harbor, here viewed from historic Fort McHenry (Image from Sugargliding (offsite) on Flickr)